The floors were being waxed, boxes of new books were being delivered and there were no sounds of pitter-pattering in the hallways. However, nine teachers joined Friends of the Rappahannock (FOR) to learn more about Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEE) and how the programĀ A River Runs Through Us will fit into their curriculum in the upcoming year.

Riding over to Carter’s Creek.

Although we all know that a true MWEE is never done in one day, FOR had the teachers explore each of the steps and dive into how they picture their own MWEE working. Just like their students will do in a few short weeks, teachers answered the question, “How do your daily actions impact the health of the Rappahannock River?” FOR worked with the teachers to gain background knowledge through presentations and hands-on activities including a boat ride to Carter’s Creek to see oyster restoration at work.

Checking turbidity levels in Urbanna. Photo by Rebecca Beale

The teachers even got to see dolphins! While one group was on the boat the others were looking at projects done with the Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School and checking outĀ some of their new gear thanks to NOAA B-WET funding.

Afterwards, teachers discussed their own action project ideas for their students and how things have worked in the past. At the end, they reflected on the original question and were excited to see the year come to light! Thank you to St. Clare Walker Middle School for hosting us and to all of the teachers for allowing us to share environmental education with your students! Get ready for a great year!


Lowery Becker
Education Coordinator