Clean Water Breakfast

Monday, Oct 30

Learn what issues VA legislators must tackle for a healthy Rappahannock River and Chesapeake Bay

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Safety River Cam Now Live

FOR now has a live feed of the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg.

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Clean Water Rule

The federal government is trying to repeal the Clean Water Rule which protects headwater streams and important wetlands essential to a healthy Rappahannock River.

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Most Endangered River


American Rivers listed the Rappahannock River as Number 5 on their Most Endangered Rivers List. Fracking is a serious threat to our river. Be a voice and help protect our river.

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To be the voice and active force for a healthy and scenic Rappahannock River.

Our Vision

A Rappahannock River… that is clean and safe for fish consumption and recreation from its Headwaters to its confluence with the Chesapeake.
A Rappahannock River… that supports a healthy and diverse aquatic ecosystem, with submerged grasses, oysters, crabs and other species returned to their historic levels and productivity.
A Rappahannock River Watershed… where land use and runoff is managed to protect and enhance our riparian habitats, downstream waters, scenic viewsheds and historical resources.
A Rappahannock River Community… where the citizens and local governments are educated about river stewardship, where they take a sense of personal stewardship over the river resource, and where they take action in their own backyards and communities to protect it.


Fones Cliffs property dedicated to the Rappahannock Indians

Fones Cliffs property dedicated to the Rappahannock Indians

Last May, Senator John Warner (center) joined Congressman Rob Wittman, USFWS Director Dan Ashe, Essex County Countryside Alliance Director Peter Bance, Chesapeake Conservancy's Joel Dunne and Joe McCauley, Rappahannock River Wildlife Manager Andy Hoffman to discuss...

Big Cleanup, Big Success

Big Cleanup, Big Success

As the calendar turns and we start the beginning of the fall season, we want to highlight one of our big successes so far, the Big Fall Cleanup. On September 9, we were delighted to have 19 sponsoring organizations and hundreds of community volunteers come together to...

Headwater Stream Initiative awarded $91K Grant

Headwater Stream Initiative awarded $91K Grant

On Monday September 25, 2017 Virginia Governor Terry McAullife and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) announced an award of $91,925.00 to Friends of the Rappahannock to support the Headwater Stream Initiative (HSI). This is a part of NFWF's Chesapeake...

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Box turtles are fun, fascinating, and need protection.

Box turtles are fun, fascinating, and need protection.

Interesting Facts: Turtles have existed for around 215 million years. Many turtle species are also endangered. Woodland box turtles get their name from their shell, which has a hinge enabling it to close completely, protecting them from predators. For box turtles, the...

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Our Riverwatch map provides geographic data on the Rappahannock and helps you understand how FOR is helping keep our river healthy.

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