Polyface Farm

VNRLI is a fellowship through the University of Virginia that brings together natural resource professional leaders from across all sectors to learn skills in conflict resolution and collaborative problem solving. During Session 1 our cohort visited two farms in western Virginia, Polyface Farm and Cub Run Dairy Farm.

Although these farms operate completely differently, one calling itself “beyond organic” and one openly stating they are not organic, both are employing techniques on their farms to protect their land, their livestock and our natural resources. What struck me about visiting these farms is how much both of the farmers were stewards of the water running through their arms. They both mentioned the connection of their farms to the Chesapeake Bay, though hundreds of miles away.

Cub Run Dairy Farm

I started wondering where and how they learned about this connection. What inspired them to care about what happens “downstream”? Was it an experience with a group like FOR? was it something passed down through their families? If I had more time with the farms I would have liked to ask these questions. Instead, I ask you — what inspired you to care about the Rappahannock River?

Daria Blom

Assistant Director/Education Director