Nuestro Rappahannock broadens FOR’s audience

River safety & conservation concepts are key messages  A new outreach program implemented by Friends of the Rappahannock is bridging the language gap to communicate river safety and conservation concepts to the Spanish-speaking members of our community and the...

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Update on Essex County solar farm stormwater run-off

Friends of the Rappahannock is working with Essex County, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), and Coronal Energy to learn more about the very serious stormwater and erosion and sediment control problems at the 200 acre Coronal Energy Essex Solar Center...

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Federal Funding Brings the Rappahannock River a $91K Grant

Virginia Governor Terry McAullife and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) announced an award of $91,925.00 to Friends of the Rappahannock to support the Headwater Stream Initiative (HSI). This is a part of NFWF's Chesapeake Bay Stewardship Fund and Small...

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Riding the Perfect Wave at Riverfest

When the right formula of underwater rocks and gradient and water flow combine in a whitewater river, a strange thing is created. The water forms a wave, smooth as glass until it’s broken by gently boiling backcurrent. If you’re paying attention, and you drop into it...

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Volunteering at FOR gives a sense of accomplishment

Why did I decide to volunteer with Friends of the Rappahannock? The short answer is, because my mother told me to. FOR was the perfect volunteer opportunity for me. It was nearby, focused on water, and most importantly, it was a volunteer thing which would look good...

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The Early Birds of Riverfest

While this blog could be about the impending August 31 deadline to purchase early bird tickets for Riverfest it is not.   It's about those folks who sponsored the Second Annual Riverfest in 1992 and are still supporting the event in 2017: Farley Vale Farm.  For the...

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The new FOR River Cam is up and running!

Some things are worth the wait and Friends of the Rappahannock’s new River Cam is definitely one of them. In 2016, Dev Patel, Eagle Scout candidate with Boy Scout Troop 21 approached FOR about bringing a live feed of the River back to the FOR website. We were excited...

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Get to know a plant: Plant’s Map at FOR

Friends of the Rappahannock has a fully updated profile on Plant's Map, which serves to connect people with the plants on the property. Our profile, which can be accessed here, includes a database of over 20 different plants located on our nature preserve. By clicking...

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Volunteering: Part of the FOR Family

So many days we look at each other and say, “What should we do today?” Of all of the unique hobbies out there to fill spare time, my favorite is volunteering.  I started volunteering in my free time as a student about two years ago, and have yet to find a way to feel...

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Local Students Appeal to Congress After Field Trip

"Dear members of Congress, Learning and discovering new things is important for the human brain, and without the Chesapeake Bay funding, the students will not grow in their understanding of how pollution affects the water and its ecosystem." -Written by a Drew Middle...

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By the Numbers in 2018

Challenges facing the Rappahannock gave it a C rating in our 2018 River Report Card. We’re raising that grade. Be inspired by some of our favorite stories across the watershed.

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