What do you do with 14 ten foot, two inch PVC pipes, 20 elbows, 320 wetland plugs from Environmental Concern, 25 sharpies, 20 feet of braided rope and 90 students? – You build floating wetlands of course!

Adam and I worked with the sixth grade class from Richmond County Middle School to build five 8’x4′ floating wetlands that were placed in the school campus’ retention pond which collects water from both of Richmond County Public Schools’ buildings.


The students have participated in A River Runs Through Us, a Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience, funded by NOAA B-WET and supported by various partner organizations. Through this program the students have been gaining knowledge throughout the year on water quality issues and ways to mitigate. Floating wetlands are a way for them to filter the stormwater runoff from their schools before it goes into the local tributary, Totuskey Creek. According to their teacher, Patty Ptucha,  “The students LOVED [the] lesson!” This was an awesome day, even if it was pouring down raining the entire time!

Lowery Becker
Education Coordinator