FOR education programs empower all age groups to create river stewards who will care for the Rappahannock for generations.



At the River’s Edge Outdoor Environmental Education Program (ATRE) provides students with interactive, outdoor science and history education opportunities


Kids on the Rappahannock Summer Day Camp is a summer day camp that fuses environmental education and river recreation.



Teach others how to improve our watershed’s health.



Floating Wetlands with Richmond County Middle School

What do you do with 14 ten foot, two inch PVC pipes, 20 elbows, 320 wetland plugs from Environmental Concern, 25 sharpies, 20 feet of braided rope and 90 students? - You build floating wetlands of course! Adam and I worked with the sixth grade class from Richmond...
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Alt Spring Break: Planting Trees & Kayaking

Friends of the Rappahannock teamed up with Chaplin Youth Center for an Alternate Spring Break program. This was a two-day event that exposed their students to other regions of the Rappahannock Watershed. On Day 1, the students got to travel down to the Rappahannock...
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Rose River Student Stream Assessment

Friends of the Rappahannock (FOR) teamed up with the Culpeper Soil and Water Conservation District, Virginia Department of Forestry, Natural Resource Conservation Service, volunteers, and hundreds of local students to spend several days collecting data and learning...
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Healthy Rivers Start at Home

The Rappahannock River begins its over 180 mile journey at Chester Gap in the Blue Ridge Mountains, draining 2,715 square miles of land to the Chesapeake Bay. The main issues facing the river are sediment loads and excess nutrients. Together, they have created a river...
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