FOR education programs empower all age groups to create river stewards who will care for the Rappahannock for generations.



At the River’s Edge Outdoor Environmental Education Program (ATRE) provides students with interactive, outdoor science and history education opportunities


Kids on the Rappahannock Summer Day Camp is a summer day camp that fuses environmental education and river recreation.



Teach others how to improve our watershed’s health.


It’s Always a Good Time at Turtle Time

When I started my internship with Friends of the Rappahannock (FOR), I hoped to have the opportunity to learn and understand more about the different species of turtles in the Rappahannock River. So I worked with Jake Rehm, another FOR intern and a sophomore at James...
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Lessons from the Virginia Natural Resources Leadership Institute (VNRLI) Session 1

VNRLI is a fellowship through the University of Virginia that brings together natural resource professional leaders from across all sectors to learn skills in conflict resolution and collaborative problem solving. During Session 1 our cohort visited two farms in...
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Balancing science and long-term solutions

Through the program A River Runs Through Us, each school takes on an action project that enables students to mitigate water quality issues in the Rappahannock River. Following the true mission of FOR, the students not only learn about human impacts from partner...
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Professional Development in Middlesex

The floors were being waxed, boxes of new books were being delivered and there were no sounds of pitter-pattering in the hallways. However, nine teachers joined Friends of the Rappahannock (FOR) to learn more about Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEE)...
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