FOR education programs empower all age groups to create river stewards who will care for the Rappahannock for generations.



At the River’s Edge Outdoor Environmental Education Program (ATRE) provides students with interactive, outdoor science and history education opportunities


Kids on the Rappahannock Summer Day Camp is a summer day camp that fuses environmental education and river recreation.



Teach others how to improve our watershed’s health.


Environmental STEM With Design Briefs

The Friends of the Rappahannock (FOR) Education Department introduces our environmental STEM lessons to students via Design Briefs, which allow great flexibility in teaching concepts in environmental science and conservation to a wide variety of students. Design...

Partnerships are a Key to Success

When I began as an Americorps VISTA, one of my main objectives was to make connections and build partnerships throughout the tidal basin. Luckily, what I found was a vast network of environmental educators. The Three Rivers Environmental Educators (TREE) is a cohort...

Growing Partnerships While Combating Invasive Plants

Invasive plant species aggressively compete with native plant species often choking them out of existence. During Friendsof theRappahannock (FOR)’s 32 year history, several attempts have been made to combat the ever-present invasive plants on the property. Since FOR...

Take the kids to the river and the river to the kids!

It is not a secret that outdoor field trips are slow during the cold, winter months. However, we usually stay busy writing grants, planning for future events, etc (check out Nancy’s last blog post about how we keep busy in winter). Our latest project has been taking...