About the river

Be on the lookout for a living fossil

Kayakers, canoers, tubers, fishermen, and other river rats, this April through June be on the lookout for soundings from the Atlantic and Shortnose sturgeon during your adventures along the Rappahannock River. A sounding is when a sturgeon jumps out of the water on their journey upstream. These fish are anadromous, meaning that as an adult they spend their time in the ocean and they swim upstream to spawn and lay their eggs. According to the Chesapeake Bay Program, juveniles can stay in their natal (home) stream up to six years before making their way to the ocean.    

Canoe Launch Improves River Access, Reduces Bank Erosion

Written by: Chloe Sikora FOR Intern and Student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Seven volunteers huddled underneath a tarp shielding them from pouring rain. Without complaint, they picked up their shovels and finished digging the last three steps to complete the first sustainable public access canoe launch on the Rappahannock River, near its confluence with the Rapidan River.