Rappahannock River Information

Our Rappahannock River Water Trail Guide is packed with information about the 30 mile stretch of the Rappahannock above Fredericksburg. Visit our Water Trail website to see the guide online, plus get other useful information.

Learn about water conservation practices, as well as information about watersheds, storm water and erosion! FOR education intern Allison Reed also created this children's page about watersheds, make sure to check it out with your little ones!


The Community Resource Mapper from the Southeast Watershed Assistance Network allows you to create maps of your area to study various watershed characteristics, including habitat and impaired waters.

Great for student projects, check out our F.O.R. River Fact Booklet.
Also check out the Rappahannock listing in Wikepedia.

Check out the remote sensing data (pictures from space) at the Towson University Chesapeake Geographic Information System.
ChesSIE (Chesapeake Science on the Internet for Educators) provides educators with access to quality Bay-related education resources, online data and professional development opportunities.

Chesapeake Bay Interpretive Buoy System. Check out live data from buoys across the Chesapeake Bay, including Stingray Point off the mouth of the Rappahannock.




 TitleSize (Kb) Description
Rappahannock Tributary Strategy4,149.44DownloadVirginia's report on pollution in the basin including pollutant reduction targets and allocations to various sources.
Port Royal from the River1,385.65DownloadAn overview of historic and current day Port Royal from the vantage point of the Rappahannock
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