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"The Rappahannock River"


Handy guide to Rappahannock History, Nature, and Recreation. Virginia Heritage Publications. 50p $5


Rappahannock Scenic River Atlas

A detailed annotated guide to the canals, locks, dams and other historical features of the Rappahannock and Rapidan above Fredericksburg. $12


  "Freshwater Fishing in Virginia"

 "Freshwater Fishing in Virginia" by Gerald Almy Detailed fishing information on Virginia lakes, rivers, fish and more. Includes maps. Virginia Heritage Publications. 94p $6





Thank you for visiting Friends of the Rappahannock's Water Trail Store! Here you will find the most accurate and detailed maps of the Rappahannock River, including information about boat landings, put-ins, campgrounds, climbing areas, locks, important historical sites on the river, and more! 

If you have any questions regarding the products listed below, please call our office at (540) 373.3448. 








Rappahannock River Water Trail Guide

Kellys Ford to Fredericksburg, plus the Rapidan River below Ely's Ford


32pp. Waterproof - Spiral Bound.
Also includes bonus 33" removable overview mapwith distance table.

High resolution aerial imagery is overlayed with a variety of features, such as put-ins, campsites, historical sites and much more.    

WaterTrailOverviewMap_thumbnail.gif Rappahannock River Water TrailOverview Map $8.00

(INCLUDED with the purchase of a Water Trail Guide - above)

33" x 15" - Waterproof - Covers the same geographic area as the Water Trail Guide.  Includes City of Fredericksburg easement lands, campsites, put-ins, and more.

Water Trail Map - Tidewater Edition - Cover.jpg

Rappahannock River Water Trail - Tidewater Edition - Overview Map $10.00

Waterproof.  Covers the Rappahannock from the City of Fredericksburg to the Chesapeake Bay.  Includes boat launches, navigational aids, depths, Bay Gateways Sites, Rappahannock National Wildlife Refuge Tracts.

Highlights several interpretive paddle trails (detailed paddle trail maps available seperately) 

Piscataway Creek - front.jpg

Tidewater Rappahannock
Paddle Tours


$12 for
set of 4


Four single-page, waterproof, interpretive maps covering some of the best paddle trips in the Tidal Rappahannock.  Includes put-ins, historical and natural points of interest, and much more...overlaid onto high resolution aerial imagery. Includes:
   Hoskins Creek
   Mt. Landing Creek
   Piscataway Creek       
   Cat Point Creek





Rain barrels are an excellent way to help the environment and your river! 

Each year more than 34,000 gallons of rain can fall on a 30 x 40 square foot roof in Virginia. Much of this water flows across lawns, over pavement and directly into storm sewers, eventually ending up in local lakes, streams and rivers. During heavy rain events, this runoff can lead to increased streambank erosion, flooding and water pollution. The use of rain barrels is an inexpensive way to decrease storm water runoff, conserve water for garden and lawn use and save money on your water bill.

  • Rain barrels are designed to collect and store rainwater for future use
  • The barrels are placed under gutter downspouts or where roof lines end and water runs off
  • A single rain barrel can save about 1,300 gallons of water during peak summer months
  • Water can be used anywhere non-potable water is needed, such as to water lawns and gardens, wash cars and pets, for indoor cleaning needs, or fill children's swimming pools

Please note: FOR's current stock of barrels are recycled. reused barrels, and show some signs of wear   We apologise for any cosmetic deficiencies, but we guarrantee their function !  Using previously-used barrels (ours transported olives from Chile) decreases our carbon footprint and also helps us keep our prices low.

Rain Barrels are made by us and include:

  • 55 gallon, industrial-strength plastic barrel
  • 6" round atrium grate OR screw-on cover.  Both have mosquito barriers
  • One of two types of overflow: (a) 2" dia. PVC overflow pipe or (b) 3/4" male adapter, both with mosquito barrier
  • 3/4" brass spigot for attaching a hose or filling watering containers 

ORDER YOUR RAIN BARREL TODAY! *Orders must be placed in advance. Sorry, no delivery available-- pick-up only!


Rain Barrel - 55 gal (recycled) 

$75 each  (Pick-Up ONLY - We do not ship!)
members: use coupon code "member" for 20% discount.  Call the office for current colors.
(540) 373-3448

After we receive your order, you will be contacted with details regarding pick-up of your barrel.
We are located at 3219 Fall Hill Ave. Fredericksburg, VA  22408.

Ours are home-made by our volunteers to help raise funds for our river conservation work
Because we re-use existing plastic barrels, our barrels conserve fossil fuels and have a very low carbon footprint.

Thanks to volunteer labor, most of your purchase price goes back into our programs to protect the Rappahannock! Please call us for details! 


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FOR's rain barrels are made from recycled pickle and olive barrels. They are 55-gallon drums and are blue in color. The blue, while not the most aesthetically pleasing color, curbs photosynthesis and algae growth in your water, unlike many lighter colored barrels. AND they are easy to convert into any color you want or a piece of art for your lawn! To learn more about how to paint your rain barrel:


For more information contact:
Friends of the Rappahannock
(540) 373-3448

Item  Description Price Order
   Comfy khaki
 hat, adjustable,
 silk screened
   Hi-Tech Quick Dry
 hat, washable,
 velcro adjustable,
 embroidered with FOR 
 Heron logo in blue and
 text "Friends of the 
 Rappahannock" in 

River Hat!


Limited sizes.
Please call the office to 
order at 540-373-3448.
  Save the Crabs....
Then Eat 'Em

These shirts are available by calling our office
at 540-373-3448 or stop by our our office in Tappahannock or Fredericksburg.
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