Passport to the Central Rappahannock

Learn about the Rappahannock and all the creatures that live on the river as you explore local parks with Henry B. Heron! Fill your passport by collecting stamps as you go, so you can show everyone where you have traveled on the Rappahannock River!


This book was created by Friends of the Rappahannock AmeriCorps Environmental Educator, Shari Rosenberg, and Laurel Hammig of the George Washington Regional Commission. This project is made possible by a grant from the Duff McDuff Green, Jr. Fund of the Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region.  Special thanks goes to Ashleigh Buyers and Marlene Logan, from the University of Mary Washington, for designing it.

Click below to download a printable booklet.  Please print the booklet in landscape orientation.  *This is a print quality file that may take some time to download. We appreciate your patience.

We hope that you enjoy the program!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us as 540.373.3448 or email us at

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