Low Impact Development

Low Impact Development (LID) is an approach to reducing development impacts to the aquatic environment. The premise is to replicate the pre-development water runoff and infiltration characteristics of a developed site. Pioneered in Prince George's County Maryland, this approach is growing in popularity across the country. 


 LID Tutorial & Toolkit CD    


LID Tutorial & Toolkit CD                                                              .
Narrated slideshow provides a detailed introduction to LID, case studies on local government implementation of LID codes, and example LID calculation procedures. CD includes numerous LID worksheets, example codes, manuals and brochures. "One stop shopping" for LID resources.


Prepared by the Friends of the Rappahannock under a grant from the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.

 TitleCategorySize (Kb)
Costs Spreadsheets for Re-designsSilver Co.1,197.14
Chic-fil-A Re-designSilver Co.790.94
First Virginia Bank Re-DesignSilver Co.539.54
Kohl's Re-designSilver Co.1,014.57
Olive Garden Re-designSilver Co.1,133.01
Breezewood Station Re-designSilver Co.730.59
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