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Oysters for Life

Help restore the native Virginia Oyster, the health of the Rappahannock River & save the Watermen’s heritage and culture through this unique initiative with the Oyster Company of Virginia (OCVA) and Friends of the Rappahannock “Oysters for Life” campaign!

Through a specially designed offer, each “Friends of the Rappahannock/Oysters for Life” package sponsored one time for $175 provides two baker’s dozen of fresh Virginia oysters to be delivered to the Friends of the Rappahannock for their annual spring event, ‘From the Rappahannock for the Rappahannock’ at OCVA’s Topping facility  every year in perpetuity! For every 1000 oyster cage packages sold, that’s 26,000 Virginia Oysters helping to raise funds for the Friends of the Rappahannock each year!

Each package provides the funds to build an oyster cage, supply the oyster seeds, co op with a watermen’s family for creating sustainable jobs while helping to restore the native oyster population and accelerating other fish and reef habitat! These cages act as mini reefs!

Learn about “Oysters For Life” by visiting www.oystersforlife.com  

Only PURCHASE “Oysters For Life” through the Friends of the Rappahannock website to help support our river protection programs and to make sure your cage is working to improve the health of our Rappahannock River.

Each “Friends of the Rappahannock/Oysters for Life” package comes with a beautiful OFL/FOR Certificate with the name of the member/new member/family/friends/businesses, etc, including a unique Friends of the Rappahannock Cage number that will be placed on the oyster cage and transferred when a new cage is required! Therefore, each one time support will last in perpetuity!

We are currently updating our paypal system.  Please Richard Moncure at the Tidal Office 804-443-3448 to start you Oysters for Life campaign, today!


Capacity Building
FOR is currently working on building internal capacity for expanding our funding base through a grant from the Chesapake Bay Funders Initiative, administered through the Chesapeake Bay Trust.  The project includes training, strategic planning and board development. 

Research - Bioretention Monitoring
Effective advocacy often relies upon having good data. In the case of promoting Low Impact Development and specifically, bioretention practices, there is still a need for more data to answer detailed questions about design…like "What is the best soil mix" and "How well do they remove oil or antifreeze?" FOR identified this need years ago, and initiated a program to conduct first-rate field monitoring ourselves to help provide answers to these questions. Thanks to funding from VA Department of Forestry and the Department of Conservation and Recreation, we are currently assessing the effectiveness of a bioretention area in Fredericksburg's Central Park development. Funding: VA DCR, VA DOF, Silver Companies.  

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Impact Control
In response to the growing presence and impacts of ATVs on Fredericksburg-owned riparian land, F.O.R. continued to advocate for greater enforcement of City ordinances to prohibit ATV activity on the nearly 5,000 acres of riparian land owned by the City. FORs ATV committee is working closely with the City staff and police to informing adjoining landownwers of the regulations, and to report and prosecute offenders.  

Citizen Monitoring in the Central Rappahannock Basin
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