With funding from the Chesapeake Restoration Fund (2005-2012), Department of Environmental Quality (2011), REI (2012) and Patagonia (2009-2010) the Friends of the Rappahannock, in partnership with the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay have been running a Citizens Water Quality Monitoring Program on the Rappahannock and its tributaries. As part of the project, citizen volunteers and staff have been collecting water quality data from multiple sites including the following parameters: Dissolved Oxygen,  pH, temperature, turbidity, E. coli and nutrients (Nitrates and Phosphates). This water quality data, in conjunction with data collected by other organizations and state agencies is vital for monitoring the health of the river, documenting changes over time and for tracking sources of pollution.

To participate, volunteers took part in a training and certification program sponsored by the Alliance for Chesapeake Bay (ACB) and Friends of the Rappahannock. Much of the high quality data collected by certified monitors is used by the VA Department of Environmental quality to help identify impaired stream segments to be included in the DEQ’s 303 (d) Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Priority List.

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Information on the Various Parameters Tested and their Effects on the River:
Dissolved Oxygen 
Turbidity (Water Clarity)
Nutrients (Nitrates and Phosphates)  
Bacteria (E. coli)


Click on the links below for site photos, location maps and monitoring data. 

River Bluffs #6 - Non-tidal Rappahannock River (upstream of Horsepen Run)
FOR 1 - Hazel Run at Alum Springs Park
FOR 2 - Non-Tidal Rappahannock River at FOR's boat launch
FOR 3 - Deep Run at Rt. 615
FOR 4 - Tidal Rappahannock River near Mill Bank Creek
FOR 5 - Flat Run below the Lake of the Woods Dam
FOR 6 - Hazel Run between Rts. 17/2 & 3
FOR 7 - Hazel Run East of Gateway Blvd.
FOR 8 - Tidal Rappahannock near the Little Falls Boat Landing
FOR 9 - Smith Run/Hazel Run near Manor Drive
FOR 10 - Tidal Rappahannock River at Hop Yard Landing
FOR 11 - Hazel Run West of Salem Church Road
FOR 12 - Long Branch/Hazel Run South of Harrison Road
FOR 13 - Hazel Run at Kings Mill
FOR 14 - Hazel Run South of Gunnery Road
FOR 15 - Hazel Run East of Lafayette Blvd.


*For additonal monitoring data for these sites and others in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, Visit the  Alliance's Database at:

*DEQ's Draft 2012 305(b)/303(d) Water Quality Assessment Integrated Report MAP for the Rappahannock River Basin showing impaired waterway segments. 

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