About Friends of the Rappahannock

Who We Are...

Friends of the Rappahannock (FOR) was formed in 1985 as a non-profit, grassroots conservation organization.

We are citizens from all walks of life, whose common goal is to maintain the water quality, living resources, and scenic beauty of the Rappahannock River and its tributaries. We work with a wide variety of stakeholders, from local governments to elementary students, to educate about the river and to advocate for actions and policies that will protect and restore the values that make the Rappahannock River so special.

We are led by a volunteer Executive Committee and a professional staff that includes environmental scientists, educators, and a working waterman.

We promote environmentally responsible planning through active participation in the civic process. Our staff provide technical support to local governments, developers, and teachers in areas of special expertise, including Low Impact Development (LID) codes and ordinances, Watershed Planning, Water Quality Monitoring, Design and Installation of LID practices, oyster restoration, living shorelines, and stream corridor restoration..

For more information on the details of our programs, browse our website, or download our most recent Strategic Plan, below.

Our Mission...

To be the Voice and Active Force for a healthy and scenic Rappahannock River.

In 2008, we undertook a strategic planning effort to guide our organization in reaching our vision for a healthy and scenic river. Scroll down below to Organizational Documents to download our Strategic Plan.

Our Vision...

A Rappahannock River…that is clean and safe for fish consumption and recreation from its H2waters to its confluence with the Chesapeake.

A Rappahannock River… that supports a healthy and diverse aquatic ecosystem, with submerged grasses, oysters, crabs and other species returned to their historic levels and productivity.

A Rappahannock River Watershed… where land use and runoff is managed to protect and enhance our riparian habitats, downstream waters, scenic viewsheds and historical resources.

A Rappahannock Community… where the citizens and local governments are educated about river stewardship, where they take a sense of personal stewardship over the river resource, and where they take action in their own backyards and communities to protect it.

Our Approach...

In pursuing our river stewardship mission, FOR seeks to be a "wise carpenter" by utilizing the full complement of river protection tools. Wise carpenters rely upon precision tools with a finer touch whenever possible, reserving the sledgehammer as a last resort. Similarly, FOR seeks to work with other watershed stakeholders through the tools of dialogue, education and consensus-based action, turning to confrontation only when more constructive remedies prove insufficient.Friends of the Rappahannock is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of 5 officers, up to 10 at-large representatives, plus the chairs of 6 standing committees. The organization employs a full time Executive Director and several full-time and part-time staff for the implementation of our advocacy, restoration, and education programs.

Mailing Address
Friends of the Rappahannock
3219 Fall Hill Avenue
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Phone (540) 373-3448 email: info@riverfriends.org

Annual Reports...

Our Annual Reports give you a great picture of our many programs throughout the watershed. Please download one and take a look!

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